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The UXSalon Story

Building a Community: The Story of UXSalon in Egypt

Ch01: A Different Community ✈

Ahmed Osman had recently moved to Egypt from Japan to work as a product manager. As he began building products in Egypt, he quickly realized that the product design community was very different from what he had experienced in Japan. While the product design community in Japan was strong and supportive, the community in Egypt was fragmented and lacked the support that Ahmed had come to expect. Ahmed discussed this issue with his friend Amr, a product designer, and they decided to do something about it.

Ch02: The Birth of UXSalon 🌱

Ahmed and Amr organized an event to gauge interest in creating a community of product designers in Egypt. The event was a success, with more than 25 people attending. Encouraged by this success, Ahmed and Amr decided to organize more events and eventually created UXSalon. The name was chosen to reflect the importance of offline experiences and connections between product designers. UXSalon quickly gained traction and began to attract more and more people who were interested in building a community of product designers in Egypt.

Ch03: The Power of Community ⚡

Building a community from scratch was not without its challenges, but Ahmed, Amr, and the rest of the community persisted. They worked hard to build a community that empowered product designers and helped them build connections with one another. Later on, Yehia, another product designer, joined the management team, and now UXSalon's management team has eight members. One community member, Rodina, was able to shift her career to UX design and find a job after attending just two sessions with UXSalon. Today, after a year of hard work and dedication, UXSalon has become a thriving community of hundreds of product designers. The community continues to plan activities that will expand their impact to the rest of the region. UXSalon's team vision to empower companies through empowering their employees has been realized, and the community of product designers in Egypt has never been stronger. The story of UXSalon may have started with a conflict, but it is far from over.
To be continued...